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Online Casino Affiliate Programs

The online gambling industry is in full bloom with over 6 billion dollars in estimated revenue by the end of this year. Both casinos and sports books are excellent avenues for both experienced marketers and newbies. There are two basic models too look at when promoting online casinos. The first being a CPA (cost per acquisition) model where traffic that converts to real purchasing players pays affiliates a set amount. This applies for each subsequent purchasing player. In general casino affiliate programs offer anywhere from $100 - $200 CPA for your valued traffic. The second revenue model and one that I'd recommend is the revenue share model. The revenue share pays you out a percentage of the net gaming losses of the players you refer to the casino. In general this is anywhere from 25 - 40% depending on the casinos. Marketing online casinos is a highly profitable business and one I'd recommend to any one looking to make some extra cash. Weather you're new to online marketing or a pro I've included links below to some valuable resources you should check out and read over before you get started... Affiliate Resources

Fortune Affiliates - Earn up to 40% Commission

If your looking for a great affiliate program that'll bend over backwards to help you achieve success look no further. Fortune Affiliates is a highly reputable and trusted casino affiliate program offering more then most other affiliate programs. Their commission structure is based on the net gaming revenue of the players you refer to the casino and ranges between 25% and 40%.

Fortune Affiliates group of casinos consists of some of the most reputable and trusted casinos available online today, so converting your traffic into real purchasing players is made easier via their brands. The affiliate managers at Fortune Affiliates are prompt to reply to any requests you may have and service any issues you may need sorted out. They have a wide range of creative's and custom creative's can easily be put together at your request.

Fortune Affiliates Program

Referback Affiliate Program

Referback - Earn up to 35% Commission at Referback

The Referback 2-Tier Affiliate Program provides members with a hassle-free way of generating income on income. Exceptionally high commission structures - ranging from 25% to 35% - already makes ReferBack a particularly attractive affiliate option. Choosing the 2-tier program means that every Webmaster you introduce to the program will begin to market on your behalf, thereby increasing your chances of success.

Not only are you guaranteed of fantastic returns on minimal effort, you also get unsurpassed service and support, which in turn ensures ongoing and long-term business. We also implement and manage personalized Affiliate Program Systems for Webmasters and provide support via advertising and e-mail campaigns. So, if you're looking to earn some serious revenue, Referback is the solution.

Referback Affiliate Program

Casino Rewards

Casino Rewards - 35% Commission or $50 CPA or 10 Cents Per Click

Casino Rewards offers a flat 35% revenue share plan. This means that you can earn a full 35% of the entire player's revenue with no minimum amount required for the lifetime of the player's you refer. Since Casino Rewards offers a 2-Tier program your earning potential does not stop their! Affiliates can earn an additional 5% of the paycheck of every webmaster referred.

Casino Rewards also offers webmasters the option to go with their $50 CPA for players referred. In addition to this great program and unlike several other casino affiliate programs casino rewards zeros out negative monthly balances, making casino rewards a great casino affiliate program worth promoting.

The last method of compensation offered by Casino Rewards is with their pay per click. They pay 10 cents per unique visitor sent to their casinos. So if you have a high volume site that does not target a casino or gambling seeking audience this option may be the one for you.

Casino Rewards Affiliate Program

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