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New to Online Casino Gambling - Read Our Newbie Guide

Below is our online casino newbie guide where you will find information which will help you get started in your first online casino gambling experience. There are a lot of little features in many online casinos that, in our opinion, make the online gambling experience superior to what is offered in land based Las Vegas casinos.

Imagine being able to make one click with your mouse and reset all of your bets in roulette! How would you like to bet $1 chips at a single zero roulette wheel? Would you like to play slot games that payout anywhere from 96%-99%, instead of the much lower payouts you get in land-based casinos? Do you like video poker? Many of the online casinos listed here at Best Online Casino Reviews offer 15+ video poker machines in over 9 different coin denominations! Try to find that kind of a selection in a land based casino and it's pretty much guaranteed you wont.

Listed below is some Q and A along with pointers on how to play at an online casino for the first time. Read though our newbie guide and follow our instructions to get yourself up and playing online in no time.

  1. How do I know who to trust?

    Each and every casinos found here at Best Online Casino Reviews offer, friendly 24/7 customer service, 100% Secure Transactions, fantastic sign-up bonuses and promotions and they pay out their winners fast! All Casinos listed here at our site give you the option to play for fun or playing for real, it’s your choice. Take a look at their new player offer and see if you would like to try them out. If not, come back to our site and click on another casino until you find the one that is right for you. Now comes our second questions the download or the instant software.

  2. How do I choose between the download or instant online casino software?

    One of the first questions you'll be faced with if you decide to gamble online is whether you want to play games that require you to download and install software -- these are called "download" games -- or perhaps you'd prefer games that simply run over the web -- called "no download" games. There are big differences between the two.

    For starters the download option can take anywhere form 15 - 30 minutes to complete (Microgaming, Cryptologic, Playtech and many other gaming software providers will have a smaller initial download version of their software (lite version) with only a few games and have the rest of the games downloading in the background) whereas the no download is virtually instant (No download version most of the time requires you have the Flash plug in - This can be downloaded at www.macromedia.com). We advise going with a download version as they offer superior user interfaces, better graphics & sound and lots of games to play. With the no download version this is much more limited. Sure you can still play blackjack, slots and poker, but that's about it. It all depends how impatient you really are! Click the following link for no download online casinos

  3. OK now that I've downloaded what do I do next?

    If you went the no-download route it's obvious what you have to do now. All you really have to do now is register and account with the online casino and start playing either for fun or real money. But is you chose the download version it may not be that obvious. However if it's not that simple you could always go back to the online casino's web site and read their instructions, they all have them, but if you're impatient like me you just want to get to it!

    The first step after downloading is to install the software and reboot your computer. For the most part it shouldn't be necessary to reboot your computer, but the bottom line is that computers -- especially those running Windows -- behave best if you reboot after an install. Once you're back up, click on the casino's icon that was placed on your desktop. If there's no icon, check your Start menu under "Programs" and it will be at the bottom of the list. Once you get software running it will probably connect to the casino's network or home site, verify your install, and ask you whether you want to play for Real or Fun. Once you have been assigned a username and password you are ready to log in to the casino for the first time.

  4. What do I do after I get the my username/password and want to play?

    After you login to the casino for the first time casino may pop up a message asking if you want to buy chips. If this happens, and you only want to play for Fun, just ignore it & close the window out, choose the game you want to play and enjoy the Fun. If you want to play for Real then, take them up on their offer. If they do not pop up a window asking you to buy chips, look for a button labeled "cashier", "bank", or "banking". Once in this area you can register a credit card that you can use to buy chips and most casinos also offer other ways to pay such as NETeller, Click2Pay, FirePay, PrePaid ATM, Western Union, or bank wire. Now that you have bought chips you are ready to gamble. Read our NETeller and alternative casino banking guide for more details on new methods of getting funds to and from your online casino account.

  5. What happens if I win BIG?

    It's always advisable to read through the casino's cash-out policies as they vary from casino to casino and there may be some restrictions on how much you can put back on your credit card, how much you can withdrawal at one time and more, and how long it'll take to get to you. So what about the rest?

    Casinos vary widely on this, but the short answer is that you'll need to be patient. Even if the casino lets you withdraw right away it could take weeks to receive your check.

  6. Will the software run on my machine?

    Good question. The answer in the vast majority of cases is "Yes, beautifully!". Unless your machine is really old, or you're running out of system resources (read: disk space) there's really not much to worry about.

    I've installed casino software well over a hundred times on a variety of machines and have only encountered a major problem once or twice. On the off chance that you do encounter a problem -- you guessed it -- contact the casino's Customer Support people. That's what they're there for.

  7. What are the casino bonuses all about?

    Online casinos offer players bonus incentives to come play at their casinos. These are know as casino bonuses, casino promotion, free chip offers, and although there are several other terms used to describe the free money given to players by the casinos the bottom line is that it's free money. Outlined below are a few descriptions of the different types of bonuses offered by online casinos.

    No Deposit Casino Bonuses - This type of bonus is offered to players just for trying and downloading and trying the casinos software out. In general this type of casino bonus is in the range of $10 and $22.

    Online Casino Match Bonuses - With a casino match bonus the casino gives players additional cash to play at the casino upon making a first deposit. If a player deposits $50 in a 100% match bonus situation the player would get an additional $50 to play with at the casino. Casinos also offer bigger bonuses at a lower percentage match bonus. For example a such as Aztec Riches Casino offers a 50% bonus up to $300 FREE, this means that your first purchase would have to be $600 to receive the full $300 bonus credits.

    Alternative Banking Bonuses - Since online gambling transactions made by U.S. players may encounter some rejections by credit card companies many casinos have resorted to alternative payment solutions. These include NETeller, FirePay, PrePaidATM and others. Some casinos offer players additional bonuses on top of their existing no deposit bonuses and match bonuses for deposits made through these alternative banking methods.

    So if you're ready to play visit our New Online Casino Promotions section for great new casino bonus offers and promotions from trusted, reputable and secure online casinos.

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